Outpost Cowboy Church
33565 Metcalf    Louisburg, Kansas  66053

About Us


When Carl Garrett Says, "I am having the time of my life" he is referring to being the pastor of the Rutlader Outpost Cowboy Church,  Louisburg, Kansas.  After more than 50 years in ministry and at the time many pastors are retiring; God gave Carl the vision to start a cowboy church.  The vision became a reality, September 21, 2008, when with the help of Bill and Brenda Harris, owners of the Rutlader complex,  the church was launched with 34 people in attendance.

Carl was born in Oklahoma into a family of farmers and cattlemen.  However, at age 8 Carl's father sold all the livestock, including Carl's beloved gray mare Diamond,  and went into the ministry.  While a senior in high school,  at age 18,  Carl became pastor of a small rural church made up of ranching families.

Carl conintued to pastor through his college and seminary years.  He served as pastor of churches in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.  Following 16 years as pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church,  Overland Park, Kansas,  Carl and his wife Frances joined the staff of the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptist as Leader Care Consultants working with pastors and their families.

While serving as an interim pastor at First Baptist Church, Carthage, Missouri, Carl and Frances attended a newly formed Cowboy Church a few times.  That was where God planted the seed in Carl's heart that has grown into a church that now averages around 125 people each Tuesday evening.  The church draws people from numerous communities including some across the Missouri state line.

Carl and Frances are celebrating 50 years of marrage.  They have two daughters and five granddaughters.  They reside in Linn Valley, Kansas.  One of Carl's pastimes is working with his horses on their nearby farm.  His prize mare is Fiona, a Missouri Fox Trotter, who has been a real project in overcoming an apparent background of abuse.  They are becoming real buddies and after having grown up on Quarter horses,  Carl is enjoying the smooth ride of the Fox Trotter.

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